Monday, January 21, 2013

{ Viva Pit Senyor}

When I asked permission from my mom if I could go with some friends and explore the streets of the festivities, I was so happy when she said YES. A big fat and juicy YES.

Happiness overload extreme.

So yeah basically, I went to Ayala and there were many people.

Sinulog is the ONLY festival that would make me realize that Cebu is overpopulated.

. . . . . .

And now, introducing this guy. Haha.

A friend and I ran into each other yesterday.

Since he was alone and my friends had to go home since it was getting dark, we decided to take a stroll.

Food was the only thing on my mind. And he laughed when I told him I have a second stomach. I wonder why. o.o

This guy here, is my friend slash IT personnel slash my-phone's-technician slash facebook-and-instagram downloader.

Haha. I owe him the wonders of my phone. And speaking of instagram,

8* Instagram and the wonders of 3G

- So yeah. One of the main reasons why I am craving for an Iphone is Instagram. Haha. I know it’s soooooooooo stupid, but I’m a girl, and I have my wants. Haha.
Another item crossed out. ;_;

2013 is being so kind to me. I love you good vibes.








We also had ourselves some henna tatoos. :">


Yes I know. That's a frog. A red frog. ♥♥♥

I get to spend with this behbeh for two weeks.


Since I was craving for something sweet, I told my friend to go with me to KK. (krispy kreme) and there I bought a dozen for my family and three sweet luscious donuts for moi.

- Mango Crust Donut

- Hersheys Cookies n' Cream Donut

- Chocolate Glazed with Sprinkles Donut

Haha. Imagine the caaaaaarrrrrrbs and sugaaaaar. ♥

I offered Mark (my friend) some bite but he was so whiney about being full and stuff. Suits me. It means more for moi~ :D


After feeding ourselves with some sugar, we decided to pay someone a visit. Sun was being a b*tch again. Messages were delayed and you can barely even contact someone. So we had a hard time exchanging messages with my most behloved LABS <3

When we arrived at her house we then started the whole conquer thing. We then had ourselves another henna tattoo from hers truly, labs.



Spending Sinulog with my friends is SHUUUUUPPPPAAAAATSU~ ♥

Mark and I were also, unexpectedly, got invited to dinner. And guess what I got for as the side dish. ♥


My friends know how LAMAS can do magic to me. ♥


They're two peas in a pod. Hahaha. ^_^v

We also get to watch fireworks from a balcony.


I'm glad that I get to spend Sinulog 2013 with people close to my heart. ♥




  1. Ahahhaa...

    This is definitely my most surprising Sinulog ever!

    Thanks to this woman who happened to stop by at my house just to have herself a tattoo.

    thank you labs!

    I really appreciate it!


    before I forgot... (I should forget about it though...Kidding!)

    thanks for the henna tattoo that you have drawn on my right foot. :)



    My heartfelt thanks to the woman who brightens my day when our appointment fails for the said date.

    Aishiteru Labs.



  2. Yes. *takes off clothes* Let's get it oooooon. Hahaha.

  3. Hahaha...

    i'm too shy to do that.

    Be serious when I'm serious woman!


    Then, again you don't have any serious bone in you.. -_-




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