Thursday, January 17, 2013

{ 4, 6 & 7 }

4* will have more adventures with friends ♥

#4 crossed out since I have lots of free time and I got to spend it with my girlfriends. ♥ Eat out here  and eat out there (pan de manila haha , chika here and chika there. These moments are treasured in my heart. No one can stop you from getting happiness all over. :">

Special mention to: NORA, TARA, DORA, RENZEL, EN-EN & KIMMY ♥ 
I give them my heart. ♥

The CRAJEE family. :">

And my complete set of LAAAAABS. 


6* will collect more frogs
I'm going to tell you a story.

There was this one girl named Mau and she love frogs.

Her bestfriend, Kimmy, knows it.

And then one day, Mau was surprised to found out that she received a precious wonderful surprise. . .

... that made her croak. :">

I love how wonderful my friends can be.

It's the best relationship a girl could ask for.  


7* Iphone

- Haha. I know this seems impossible but nothing’s impossible without you trying it. So yeah, I am aiming for this baby.

Quote that above from my previous post and taaaaadaaaaa. I've finally got myself one. Haha. Well not exactly an Iphone but similar to an Iphone's magic. ANDROOOOID DUALCORE BEHBEH~ ♥ Will change to Globe sooner or later to experience the wonders of 3G.


3 THINGS I managed to accomplish in the month of January. I think I'm progressing well enough. Haha. ♥

Just your random blogger,




    That's definitely an achievement labs. (clap)

    OH, about my wish list? ahmm.. hmm.. well I'm kinda going to write it in my journal which is I'm going to buy today!(if you know what I mean.)


    Well, anyways, it' so sweet of you to blog the simple presents that I gave you labs.



    AHAHAHA.. and true enough! you finally have the picture of your complete set of LAAAAABS. ^_^

    (sweet... totally!)


    Well, What shall you blog next??



    OHH.. YEAH...

    "Everything unceasing. - a love to die -"

  2. Hahaha. I'm currently in the process of drawing. I really had a hard time in thinking what concept I'm going to make. Haha. Lucky you you're already finished.

    Can't wait to see you. :"*
    I love you,.


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