Tuesday, November 13, 2012

{ amnesia: the dark descent }


I'm back to gaming mada pakas!

And to Amnesia: The Dark Descent is where we shall find chills and adventure all mixed up together at the same time.

Now a quick summary of this 1st person view game:

Amnesia is a survival horror game developed by Frictional Games, who previously developed the Penumbra series (next target for moi'). You get to play Daniel, who at first woken up, suffering from an amnesia. He found himself in an empty hallway, light-headed and with strange traces of pink liquid all over the floor. ( The pink liquid was probably the potion he drank to get himself an amnesia). So this is where the adventure begins. You have to unravel the mysteries of  Brennenburg and your memories start to come together piece by piece. You will eventually discover that you have to stop and kill a man named Alexander. As you get yourself closer to the truth, it would get more and more interesting and spine-chilling. You get to meet random-spawning monsters called as GRUNTS and the funny thing is; you only have a lamp as a weapon to fend off the horror that awaits you. Your only way to survive is to run and hide. ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

Summary by yours truly (c) Mau. (´ω`★)

A Grunt.

I've made progress at the prison and now I'm already at the Cistern area. I've also done all the puzzles in the Control Room and in the Water Cistern area. I was so lucky there were no grunts there. ;_; Otherwise, I would've wet my pants like a baby. Hahaha.

The most interesting area I have gone so far was the Morgue. I've found bodies that are said to only be one-day old and is still in the stage rigor mortis. Hahaha. I've done some live surgery on a body to inject myself with the antidote against the fungi poison that is said to be found in the sewers. There was also a live crematorium in the morgue. I found bodies everywhere.


Also in this area, you get to encounter the BRUTE for the first time.

Daniel gets to have another lover chasing him around. Oh, Daniel. You and your pheromones. ♥

In my part, I hid in the room in the right filled with decaying bodies and water. ( I almost got insane)


Now I'm in this terrifying area. THE SEWERS. 

Because of the game Amnesia, every time I encounter water in this game, I get to imagine that invisible water monster( a Kaernk). DOH! But luckily in this area, you only get to hide from a Brute.


A sneak peek of the sewers. ♥

The filthy, lovely sewers of Brennenburg.

Till my next blog and update on this game. ♥

Gotta bring a friend to my house to let him play this wonderful, endearing game. ;>


  1. kuyawa pod aning duwa-a oizt...paningtun man pod tag bugbug....kkk

  2. Hahahahha. Yeah. If you only know the the feel of the thrill of it. You would want to have a break here and there. (giggle)


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