Thursday, November 8, 2012

{ pieces of my heart}

Hey everyone. I've been hogging up the pen and paper the past few months to write what I felt at that moment. I was thinking to share it with you guys. It kind of make me feels better to share the burden of my heart at the moment. So Viola'.

JULY 16, 2012

What's wrong with this feeling called " Love"? Why does it include unbearable pain and lies? Why does it make people realize that generally? It hurts to hope and expect at the same time. Hoping that someone better would come along. Expecting that THAT 'someone better' would be YOUR 'someone better'. Then again, disappointments are always there. It's always YOU that will stand when you're down. It's just a matter of choice.


JULY 18, 2012

One week of diversion, one week of inspiration. One lost love, one hope's lost. I don't want to expect and I don't want to hope. So much for every chance that are neither wrong nor gone. It sometimes hurts, but the feeling's bland. As long as I stay amidst some uncertainty. I don't want to fall; I don't want tricks. I want reality to prove no truth in magic. This maybe the last feeling I will be able to feel once more.

- MAU -

JULY 19, 2012

You always surprise me and will always catch me in my most unguarded moment. When I keep hoping and expecting, you aren't there. But when I was about to give up, you shone hope once again. I really really like you. Not because of the reason that some may think, but I like you. If only we would have moments together. I can't wait. I hope that you would like me too. Because I'm really wishing that my feelings will reach you.


JULY 20, 2012

I admit. I'm still hurting. And I have to endure this pain to protect myself. Otherwise, I'll be in a losing battle. He knows that he was my first love. He was my everything. I know I acted strong on the facade but I'm about to break down. I know I said or acted as strong and gutsy, but what I didn't know is this: this task you call "moving on" is difficult. It's so difficult. I know I have to divert my attention toward other factors, but these aren't enough.

-MAU </3-

A poem I made sometime between the months of August-October. ( I forgot when, never managed to write a date ;_;)

I want to let go

But that I can't do

I don't know why

And please tell me so

I want to forgive

But that I can't tell

Your sin's too large

For it to be well

So much for things

So much for us

So much for promises

So much for love

All I can do is shed a tear

All I can do for now is to stop and fear

That there won't be a way to bring back what was lost

And that let's accept, we can't bring back "us"

I also didn't write the date on this one ;_; ( between the months of August-October)


I'll have to move on. You're pushing me away further and further to someplace where I can't go back to you anymore. Since you replaced me with someone else, go to her. " Just remember me as a memory."  It was all worth it. And I know you know that. You loved me. I loved you. Farewell.

- MAU -

Another poem by yours truly,


Lips pursing, hearts flaming

Rush whispers in the night

Body shifting, wind blowing

Under a star-lit sky

Ooh, where did we go wrong?

Was it you, or was it me?

Ooh, our happy ending ceased

Ooh, where is our song?

It slowly fades to the end

Hoping one day we'll go pretend

Like we're stranges with memories

We'll stop and think about the world we see

We'll continue to think about those we made and let's be

strangers with memories

Another dateless entry. This is a message for myself.

The love is gone, Mau :)

This is a message for you.

If he's meant for you, he would have chased you by now :)

Simple as that.

You deserve someone better.

Mr. RIght will arrive one day.
I assure you that ♥

Love you Mau.

P.S. You're strong.

But then, I was lying.

To myself.

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