Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{ progress }

Okay. I spent my whole rest days playing Amnesia and it's a time well-spent.  ♥

Back to where we left off, I progressed to the sewers and it seems fine. Haha. Later did I realize that there would be evil lurking around the corner.

Haha. I ran for my life, catching my breath(IRL) as the monster chased me around the endless sewers. My brother was screaming, ( only to put pure pressure on moi') and I ended up in a room with a ladder in it ( still with the monster chasing me around). I clicked the ladder icon to climb as fast as I can, but due to the pressure I am bearing, I forgot to press W, and thus the monster caught up with me, and I got killed. And not to mention, I screamed endlessly (IRL). HAHAHA~ My poor little heart.

So eventually, I respawned and am glad there was no monster to chase me around anymore the second time. So I climbed the ladder in peace. And thus, I found myself in the Nave.

TADAAAA! The Nave.

So I climbed out of a well. Yeah. It gives off the " Sadako" lifestyle.

There are four doors. One door's locked, the other door leads to dead end so we're down to two. The other one leads to a room with two levers in it. And the other is left to uncover most of the mysteries in this game. So finishing with the other room( which I found some important items), I continued and progressed to the mystery door. This door eventually led me to AGRIPPA's CHAMBER. *scary background music on*

Poor Agrippa.

So yeah, this poor man eventually asked you for help. He tells you to pull a switch near him, and then as you do, the fungi poison eventually starts to go out from a small machine. In short, he asked you to end his life in mercy. ;_; Euthanasia duuuude. EUTHANASIA! After all this crap, he thanked you for it and tells you some important information. So there, you progressed to the CHANCEL.

*thunder sound on*

Welcome to the Chancel.

So some short information about the Chancel:

The Chancel is apparently a bottomless pit, with four side rooms connected by bridges. One leads to the Nave, one to the Inner Sanctum, one to the machine that powers the Sanctum's protective shield, and one that leads to a room filled with statuettes, bookshelves and a blood-covered altar( a dead end). The Chancel is lit by torches glowing with eerie blue-green flames. SO just imagine passing through the bridge with eerie torches flickering and creepy voices coming out from it. 

So as we progressed to the inner sanctum, it is blocked by a channel of electricity. In order to pass through, you have to search for the remnants of the orb and gather the pieces together which are found to be in the choir and in the torture chambers. So you have to go back all the way through and to the Nave, and activate the two levers which you managed to fix in the game.

So after fixing the two big gates that are found in Agrippa's chamber, you find yourself in a fork way. In my case though, I headed to the left gate first. " When in a fork way, it is always best to go to the left first." That's my own philosophy I just made from the game. FUFUFUFU. *w*

So the left gate I was. And TADAAAAAA. THE TRANSEPT: Another fy9pewtfh43hv803hpf area to dhf9ehggnh[4whe4[ on. (((( ;°Д°))))

The spiral staircase leads to a room, with some items to grab on. So eventually, this is the base room of the torture chambers. There are doors here which lead to the different torture chambers. So to make progress, you have to go in them one by one and gather the orb pieces. Your objective, remember, is to gather the orb's pieces in order to proceed to the inner sanctum. I think I'm almost at the end of the game and I don't even know if I got the good, normal or bad ending. ;_; So this kind of stinks.

So after you have looted all the lootables in this area, you have to go back and head to right gate which leads to the Choir via the Choir Entrance.

The choir entrance is a hallway with two rooms opposite each other. Going to the left room first, ( as what my philosophy is), you get to have a flashback where Daniel got really... really.... scary and ... eerie... and... WHO DO I KID!? He gooooooot maaaaaaad!!! INSANELY MAD! ヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ

He mercilessly experimented on that body above ;_; So after all the drama and the looting, you get to go outside to the hallway again and you see two bodies hanging from the ceiling ( which is really spooky). So on to the Choir I go.

This is the scariest and the most confusing area I have been in so far. And this room is all dark and RED. I have to stick to the walls to guide me through this insanely large area. There are monsters looming everywhere, so that means, no lamps for us. There are other rooms here that got the other orb's pieces. Basically, all in all, you have to sneak your way in every inch in every angle. When I was done with all the this spooky crap, I hurried ( in a sneaky way) to the exit. BUT UNFORTUNATELY, a Grunt spotted me. And another Grunt. And another. I RAN AS FAST AS I CAN TO THE DOOR AND DIDN'T DARE LOOK BACK.

This lovely gruesome handome young crit, just won't leave you alone. *smiles with tears*

I managed to get out with no scratches btw from the RED ROOM OF PAIN.

Now that you have all the pieces together, you go back to the Inner Sanctum entrance to put all the orb's pieces together to battle out Alexander for the last time. BUUUUUUT...

Yes, there's a but. ( which is kind of unexpected). As I was heading back to the chancel, there were three grunts that caught me off guard and TADAAAAAA~ I got captured by those handsome people.

My very own paparazzi. 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

I thought I got killed by the grunts, but eventually, it IS part of the game that you are captured by them. So I found myself waking up in a cell that the grunt took me in.

Well due to the smartass that I am, I managed to get out without using a spoon as a shovel ( you know, from those movies). =.= and yes, I was  trying to make you laugh.
I get to loot some items here and there, and I managed to get out back to the nave. MUAHAHAHAH~ I am ebiiiiilllll.

The locked door in the Nave was the cell's entrance ( if you have been reading my blog and followed all throughout.)

So yeah, I'm practically right there at the moment. I can't wait to finish the game. I am anxious to know what kind of ending would I end up with. I hope Daniel defeats Alexander. (´Д`。)

okay, that would be all folks. And i know that this blog post is long. Haha. I DID tell you that I would update my progress in the game. So there you go. Haha.


Gotta get my nails painted with artsy cutesy fuuuufffys today. ♥

YAAAAAY!~  Till next blog everyone.

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