Saturday, August 27, 2016

Bon Odori 2016

Bon Odori 2016. Haha. How time flies. I still remember my first Bon Odori (see post here and here), and every single time, you'd go running after your money. Delicious food here, fun games there, and assorted activities everywhere–who would fight against the temptation when you're surrounded by it? We had a jolly good time. The fireworks were stupendous, and we got two dosage of it in one night. One was from Bon Odori itself, and the other was from someplace far/near (probably SM Seaside). 

Anyway, for this year's Bon Odori, I am simply grateful that it was held in SRP Grounds. To be honest, when it was held in D' Family Park last year, I had a hard time parking because the place was jam-packed. There were too many attendees and the place couldn't accommodate everyone. However, this time, I was able to park (without struggle) in peace. It was such a relief.   

Together with me were Mark, Alfred, Yhannie, Luzen, and my brother, Glenn. It was Luzen and Glenn's first Bon Odori experience, and we were glad to be part of it. There were also cosplayers and women wearing yukatas.We had curry, candy apple, some delicious Sacchan meal, and we also helped out Kuma-Dori Hobby Shop with their stall display. Speaking of which, you'd have to check them out. Kuma-Dori Hobby Shop is a store that markets toy figures and stuff, mostly but not limited to manga or anime characters. Its main target customers are manga fans and anime lovers. Please visit their shop at JCA Building, 2nd floor, Salinas Drive, LahugThey are manned by wonderful and funny people. And I assure you, they will welcome you with open arms. All in all, the Bon Odori experience this year was stupendous. We will always look forward to Bon Odori. See you next year!

Thank you, Bon Odori. Another wonderful memory saved. ♥

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