Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bon Odori (Day 1)

Initially planned, my friends and I wanted to spend our Friday ( August 7, 2015) lazing off and thinking what to have for dinner in my house. Apparently, due to some unexpected circumstance, we decided to check Bon Odori Day 1 out. Bon Odori, meaning simply " Bon dance" is an event held during Bon Festival, the Japanese Buddhist holiday to honor the departed spirits of one's ancestors. It was held in D' Family Park in Talamban, Cebu and its purpose was to deepen the friendship between Japan and Philippines through cultural exchange. The entrance fee was only PHP10 for the two-day festivities ( August 7 & 8). 

It was a first to the five of us so the sights and sounds were all ooohs and aaaahs. Yhan was so excited ( well both of us were), and we checked the stalls one by one. Loud Bon Odori music was played in the background so it got everyone hyped! We had nagashi-somen ( it was a struggle for us, lol), ate curry ( WANT MORE OF THEM CURRY), taiyaki and many more delicious Japanese food! We searched for the candied apple that everyone was so crazy about but wasn't able to find them amidst the crowd and rain. There were also lots of Japanese games to try and you must. All in all, we were glad we didn't laze around the house that day. Such friends. ♥

photos were taken by Ara and I


  1. Looks like you enjoyed a lot Maui! ☺

    1. It was really fun! You shoulf attend next year's Bon Odori! :)


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