Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bon Odori (Day 2)

There was nothing different on Day 2 except that it was jam-packed with people! It was double the excitement, double the fun! We saw a countless number of familiar faces and the like. It was an event you would never forget. Some women ( Filipinos and Japanese alike) wore yukatas and men would wear hakamas. There were stalls here and there. It took the word "festival" to a whole new fun level. 

Of course, we wouldn't let the once-in-a-year event pass just like that! The girls and I got ready, took time to do our makeup and walked the walk. Typing this, I remember I drove to D' Family Park wearing a yukata. The rain didn't stop us nor the mud. Like what I said, we wouldn't let this once-in-a-year event pass just like that.

We had a taste of that heavenly candied apple that every one was so crazy about, ate more food ( SUSHI WAS DELISH), played games and won! ( Well if you ask me, I won two yoyo balloons WOHOOO!). A big thank you to the event organizers and staff for making this wonderful festival successful and exciting this year! 

One thing's for sure though: We'll be back in 2016.

photos taken by Mark & me 

P.S. Would like to thank Mark from the bottom of my heart for doing my hair. I love you lots. 


  1. Fun and rainy festival, at its finest. Thanks for the photos!


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