Saturday, July 25, 2015

Zeon The Guinea Pig

Zeon, my guinea pig, is taking over my Instagram account ( or maybe even worse, he's slowly taking over the world). Yikes! This sinister cavy of mine has planned every move of world abomination ever since. Zeon is a pure Peruvian guinea pig who likes cucumber and chayote. The way he popcorns is beyond adorable. He's like a walking wig or floor mop. My friends, at first, mistook him as a Shih Tzu puppy. There will never come a day that he wouldn't be able to make me smile. The way he chortles and purrs is heaven to my ears. Beyond his big physique lies a big coward. He loves hiding, short naps and munchies. And the way he holds you for comfort and assurance... Oh, don't let me get started on that. 

During the shoot, Zeon, the scaredy cat that he is, was running around aimlessly. To calm him down, Ara and I brought him some cucumbers. It worked, for a while. Guinea pigs have different personalities and that's what makes them so challenging. Some are trusting right away, and others aren't. I have two guinea pigs namely, Zeon and Pastel. Pastel's the type of guinea pig who loves snuggles and cuddles. Zeon, on the other hand, loves being petted but hates being carried. So imagine the trials Ara and I had to go through to have this shoot. HE'S. SO. FLUFFY. 

All in all, I don't mind Zeon taking over the world or my Instagram account. He got my heart, and he's set out to get yours. 

" RAWRRR!" - Zeon


Mau Sarcon

photography assistant
Ara Layka Rañola


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  1. Damn you woman!!!

    Isn't he the cutest??? I can't wait to hold him once we see each other again. :)

    1. Your heart has been successfully caught! Hahaha ♥

    2. True. Cute little animals can easily caught my heart. Other stuff is--nahh!.. ahahaha


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