Friday, July 17, 2015


This is a late post. To be more exact, a month late. I wasn't busy or anything like that but just didn't have the time to edit the photos and blog about it. I don't know why but it must be the heat or the rain or both. Haha. Enough about my senseless reasoning. I had fun taking photos of Aura, a woman who was both physically and emotionally beautiful. She was confident, to say the least and oh-so-adventurous. She can climb mountains fast and cross bamboo bridges without breaking a sweat. Her silly jokes crack you up and the way she handles everything, it's admirable. Although we had been together for like a day and a night, it was enough to know what she's like, towards her family, her friends and her loved ones. 

Enjoy my photos of Aura, as I had risked getting my camera wet as I wanted to show the world how perfect one person can be.


Mau Sarcon

Aura Fiel

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  1. That back flip pic was nice... As a photographer you'll do anything even if it means...almsot getting your camera wet. ^___^

    1. Mac had to do the "cleaning of the lens" and stuff. Haha.


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