Saturday, June 20, 2015

Kawasan Falls

Everything was beautiful. You name it. The sky, the landscape, the air, the people. Everything. At first, I had second thoughts on going. I was dead tired from all the traveling. But a friend managed to convince me and told me this, " You aren't a Cebuano if you haven't visited that place." And that one line just hit me then and there. So I have to woman up for Kawasan Falls

I've been to Tumalog Falls before in Oslob but never have I realized that it was just as beautiful. This post is full of photos so just a warning, it's quite long. We would stop and take a shot and would stop and take a shot again. Six of us got separated from our group and we got lost in the mountains. Like, seriously. We crossed bamboo bridges with no railings so it would be up to your bravery and balance ( THE MOST IMPORTANT) to win the battle against the crushing current down under. After all the trials we had to go through ( from Kawasan Falls Level 1 to Kawasan Falls Level 3), I'm glad that I didn't stay in bed that day. When traveling, always take an opportunity. You wouldn't want to tell yourself, " I should have gone there." in the future

End of adventure. And post.

Oh yeah, and guess what!? I am heading to Badian again this July. This time, with my bestest friends ever. I CANNOT WAIT. Whoooo! Thank you Lord!


  1. Wow! Great shots Mau! I hope I can visit Kawasan in the future. :D

  2.!!! I want to visit there too!!!

    1. You should!!! :D It would be an adventure you'd never forget.


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