Sunday, July 19, 2015

Love Me or Hate Me

I honestly didn't know what to give this post as a title. We opt for a geisha-themed shoot but we were short of props and not to mention, no kimono in sight. The shoot was done at my house's living room. I was surprised to see my living room turned into a beautiful studio, well, all thanks to my co-photographer's studio light.  It was my first studio/house (watchamacallit) shoot, and well, it had me thinking to have one of my own. Maybe someday. 

As you all probably have seen Starr ( see previous shoots here and here) by now from my early shoots, especially when I was still starting photography. This beautiful woman put up with my explosive-creative-spontaneous ideas and I am grateful to her. And as I edited her photos, " Rude" by Magic was on loop. And this line just hit me, " love me or hate me" and it exactly describes Starr and her outgoing personality. 


Mau Sarcon

Mau Sarcon & Phoebe Bitoon

John Valleser

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  1. She looks like MULAN on the last photo!

    Send my compliments to Starr she looks great! Well done Labsuu..

    Now, Na suya ko!!! Me too me too!!! BUT NOT like this ha? kana cute nga concept... fufufufu... Dili ni naku kaya!


    1. Sure Labsuuu. :D Everyone just loves that last photo. Haha.And thanks Labsuu!

    2. Yay!!! I'll look forward to it then..ehehehehhe...


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