Tuesday, September 30, 2014


We were greeted with rain showers so early in the morning and it was just the day after Mac and I celebrated our first anniversary together ( Hoorah to the two of us!). We ( Mac, Starr, Guada and I) rode all the way to BTC to get ourselves some Jafar's shawarma rice and gobbled away. You guys should check them out! Their food's really delicious! We battled against flood after flood and I feared for my car's spark plug! Haha. It was tough but we made it all in one piece. Gemms ( my car's name) did his best and we managed somehow. Another hoorah!

Anyway, I've always wanted to have a shoot in the rain. Somehow, rain gives off this relaxing feeling that you can't get enough of. You'd want to sleep the whole day in and makes you ponder about life's greatest things. And out of the blue, I told Starr, a friend of mine, to model for my shoot on that same day. It was spontaneous but Starr definitely did a great job on this. We chased rain drops and prayed that the rain wouldn't stop. And fortunately, our prayers were granted. When we were kids, we always hoped to bathe in the rain and it was simple happiness! And by sharing these photos, I wanted to share to the world our indulgence for rain.

I had a "Where She Went" cover. Haha.

Guada and I shared an umbrella. It was so funny and memorable. Anywhere she went, I went. This is to save my poor poor camera from getting soaked. We had team work and bonded under the pouring rain. 

Cheers to friendship! 

What do you think of our indulgence?


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Mau Sarcon

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  1. You're getting better and better Mau. Keep it up!

    1. Why, thank you. But it feels like I still have lots to learn. :C

  2. I like the third picture. BTW, is that tattoo "Love" legit?

    1. What do you mean by the word "legit"? And, thanks! ♥


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