Monday, March 10, 2014

Go Raptors!

What would you do if two of your closest friends decided to stay the night with you? Of course, you'd have different " How-To-Entertain-Your-Friends?" ideas exploding inside your head and eventually, you'd have a hard time deciding on one. As for my part, I taught them how to play All of Me on piano by John Legend, played baseball with them and even made munchkins! Hoorah! Delicioso!
As for the baseball part, it definitely wasn't my forte. Swinging and always getting strikes were definitely not good motivators. There was this time that I was so focused that I finally got to hit the ball! It was the happiest 2 seconds of my life. But seeing the ball went over our neighbor's fence, that ended my two-second happiness. Two things contrasting each other. That's life. Ugh. 

As for my outfit, " Go Raptors!" was written all over it. ( Well, not literally, but you get the point). I borrowed this varsity shirt from Mac and it gave me a surprise. Just think about Mac's size and mine. There's a very big difference there. But somehow, for some reason, it fit me. 

My two dears  in life. 

I must admit. I followed Satsuki Kiryuin's pose from Kill La Kill here. :p

Definitely my face when I hit the ball. 


We were really sweaty here and I have to edit these pictures for decency's sake. Anyway, baseball is such a fun game. With a few swings, you can lose calories without even noticing. That's what fun about sports. How about you? What's your favorite sport? 

What do you think of my look?

photos taken by me and Mark Villamor

NY Cap
Raptors Varsity Shirt - from Mac
White Shorts
Payless Studded Sandals ( similar here)
Baseball Equipment
Rock Star Bracelet ( similar here)

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