Saturday, March 1, 2014

Behind Bars

After gazillion years, I have finally made my comeback. Whew! My last post was still on February 17. 12 days is a bit too long for making you guys wait. I want to give a proper explanation for my 2 week-hiatus so here it goes.
 First of all, my photographer slash boyfriend's schedule couldn't match mine. How can I post outfit shots if I don't have anyone to take my pictures? I know you guys are asking " How about your friends Mau? Or your family?". My camera's lens are totally manual so explaining that to my family would only give them a headache. My friends, well... My friends have appointments here and there so no can do. And those my friends, have led me to a decision to do things on my own.

" By yourself!? How are you going to take photos by yourself!?" is now the question here. However, the internet has helped me by giving me the answers I definitely need. Reading these tips  by blogger Elizabeth, I have found out how to cheat my way to decent photos and the like. No more hiatus and no more waits. Hoorah! Now ain't that superb?

Now as you have noticed that some of these photos are out of focus ( for ex. the terrano was the focus, my face is a complete blur, etc.) This being my first time having a shoot with myself ( which is experiencing, I might add), please forgive this first-timer's first time.

What do you think of my look?

Rosario Boutique Blazer
Black & White Striped Dress
Payless Black & White Striped Flats


  1. Oh. my. I can't do that by myself. You out done yourself. *claps

    So this is the clothes your talking about!! talking about stripes and everything. I like the third picture.! yay!

    1. Yup this is the one. Lol! Yeah, I really did outdone myself this time.

  2. YOu really did! Im really impressed!


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