Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{ workaholic}

So here's the thing. Since I have two weeks left, I have to cram things here and there.

Yhannie ( a friend of mine) and her sister( and also a dear friend of mine ), Ara; went to the mall and bought some items for my boots and for my props. I'm glad I've found friends like them. They're die-hard and precious. GIRL POWER! The only thing that separated me from them, is that the two sisters both have boyfriends and I'm left with none. Oh Mr. Knight in Shining Armor, why are you taking so long?

All in all, we bought a good number of supplies. And yes, I have to pay them food. ( we pay each other food for helping one another) Haha. Yhannie A.K.A. Yhan taught me how to do the " hidden stitch". ( I didn't know that stitches have kung fu moves  HAHA ) It was quite easy and I was having fun stitching my way through. But I suck at folding a piece of clothing together. Imagine that. Even a simple "fold". illOTL

Next thing I'm going to make is my shoulder armor. It's quite bulky and hard but I'm going to manage this time. ACHAPWAAAAA~ >:O

It will all be about girl power and stuff. The team SPIRAL CATS has inspired me. <3

I've got 9 days left. 9 daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays~  It's a countdoooooooown~

P.S. Fever came back . 38.4 C. But I. STILL. HAVE. A. LOT. TO. DO. I feeeeel diiiiizzzzzy~ @.@


  1. You can do it!!! Ayaw lang palabi. Kung di kaya, rest.

  2. No time for rest in this part of town. I can't afford to lose any more time.

  3. You got a point there. Nine days left. Good thing you got friends to help you. How I wish I could also help in any way I can. (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜

  4. Hahaha. Thanks for the offer. I'll handle this. I can do this. ^_^v I don't want to burden people

  5. See you this afternoon Mau. Same time and same place? :>

  6. Okay Nate. Can't wait to see you. (´∀`)♡


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