Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{ singularity }


I treated my friends to some booze last night. It's just sad to know that, everyone nodded to the said gathering but only five of us attended.

Minus one since the other one lied and escaped. <.< Which is a major downfall. Gah!

So it has come to the four of us. We decided to call random friends ( those who wouldn't say 'no' for an answer Haha) and invited them to our night jam celebration.

My friends decided that we should go for rum ( white tanduay) mixed with some strawberry juice ( tang).

Well, since we lacked water and the mix was too sweet, I didn't know that I was already sober. I didn't notice I was when I stood up.  (*^*) Fushuuuuubuubuuu~

Sigh. Since I'm driving, they decided to cut me off from my booze and I was grateful. (ヘ。ヘ)

It was what you call a 'hanging' ending. I couldn't remember what I did. Oda said I was texting ashfashfpasbdfds;bgvpsdabf messages to her. And I couldn't remember at all. Hahaha. pppppeeeeeaaaassssssuuuuu! ^_^v

It was a hellatovfun! <3

Till next.

♥ わたしうれしいあなたは昨夜私を呼ばれたとき。♥

私知っているあなたはこれをわかっている。  ( ̄ω ̄;)

Listening to:

I Miss You by Incubus <3

GAH! I'm killing myself with more forehead kissesssssssss *foams in mouth*

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