Friday, September 21, 2012

{ through pricks and needles}

FINAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLY~ I am done with my eight sky blue ribbons for the boots. The fruit of my needle pricks. EGAD! ( Thanks to Yhannie for always teaching me her ways of kung fu stitching)

I brought the materials with me in the office today and if I'm not busy, I would sew my way out. Hahaha. And thus, I have finished them all. I realized sewing is fun! ヽ(;▽;)ノ But you have to prepare to what is to become of your skin. (*shi shi shi*)

Me, duckfaced, sewing the last ribbon. I'll BANG myself.

During my free time here in the office, I would do the same routine all over again because I'm too lazy to make it at home. My home's too cozy. It'll suck your energy. YES, IT'S THAT POWERFUL. THE OL' POWERFUL BED WOULD SEDUCE ME TO ITS CLUTCHES. (ーー;)

And me, done with all the fuwas fuwas in the world. PHEW.


7 Days more left. 

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