Thursday, April 20, 2017

It Is Real – Pre-Wedding Photo Session

Mark and I have been very busy these past few weeks. Our days are full packed with schedules and meet ups. It's the final hustle and bustle, guys. Weeks will become days and days will become hours. That's how time works. I still remember how Mark proposed (who would ever forget his proposal?) like it was yesterday. Everything's ready, and truly, this is the penultimate. The nervousness we felt before is now totally gone as we came to a point and realized that we couldn't imagine a world without each other. This is where it starts. 

Aside from having Jessica take our prenuptial shots back in Busay, I asked dear friends Juan and Camille to take some natural ones (?) back at our humble place. It was Juan's first time to have taken a shoot, and we have instructed him of the whatsits and whatnots of photography. I'm amazed of the angles and shots he had taken. Amazeballs were literally it. It was seriously more of a "LetsPretendHesNotThere" to "OMGWereLiterallyLaughingOurHeadsOffRightNow" kind of shoot. We had a jolly good time and played Jenga while we're at it. I would like to thank the following people: Chen, for the lights; Babycakes, for the makeup; and Su for the house visit; and of course, Juan the Great for the photos. ♥ 

I want everyone to see us as ordinary. Mark and I aren't perfect. We fight, we cry---relationships aren't perfect (do ask our friends haha). It's the couple's initiative to keep the affection alive, the issues concorded, and the struggles resolved.

That is love, and I think it is beautiful.


Juan Villarba

Camille Butad



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