Monday, May 1, 2017

Beginning Is At Hand – Pre-Wedding Video

Ahhh! It's finally out! All our strutting, running, and gasping were all worth it. I was too pumped and hyped about the video, but Mark and I had to chill for the release date, and that's today. We had the video shot in different places, and they were all stunning. ♥ We saw the sun set and the sun rise like they were meant for us at that exact moment. It was all so stupendous.

I actually do not know how to make the video large. I think this is a default size for blogspot. If you do want that HD goodness, all you have to do is click the title and it will direct you to the YouTube link. ♥ Enjoy!

I would like to thank the Hexovette production team for this splendid outcome. Augi, for always being so supportive and cheerful. That background cheer just to make us laugh to have us act all natural on camera. Also the BTS shots taker who would pose with us, making me hold my chuckle. And thank you for always helping us out with our stuff and bags. To Mark, my soon-to-be-husband, for always offering his hand to help me with the climbing and the walking, and who is also so beautiful when it comes to the camera (trust me; Mark's telegenic unlike me). And especially to our "Direk" Mar, for being so creative and patient with us for our wants and needs. Always putting up the good fight. Always so dire to get things done perfectly and always has his share of jokes to our jokes. A big, big thank you. Amazeballs, as what I would always describe something so amazing. Well, in this particular case, someone.

We called ourselves the 5 a.m. Crew because of the repetitive wake up calls and alarms we keep getting back when we we were chasing the sunrise. I was always the first one to get up early dawn. The boys—well—you know them boys. Haha. Thinking back it now, it's still funny as it is. Every conversation we had was hilarious and I kept getting tears in my eyes of too much laughing. They wore matching clothing for three days straight. I just couldn't get that out of my head. For example, the first day, they were all wearing jackets and a shirt underneath, and shorts. The second day, they were all wearing grey shirts and another round of shorts. You get the drill. We also got lost somewhere in our adventure and climbed the wrong mountain thanks to my navigating skills (or we were hexed! Gasp!) We could see the right mountain in front of us, but it was so near yet so far. We had to cross a dried up river the hard way under the rain while we were protecting our camera gear. They were all firsts. Mark and I also get to visit a place for the very first time of our lives. Haha. We're such losers.

Once again, a VERY BIG THANK YOU to the Hexovette Production team. We are truly grateful.♥

Anyhow, before I get the chance to mumble, I think I have to end this here. This adventure made it all the more memorable. I will forever keep it at heart. Share the love and stay happy, guys. G'nyt y'all! ♥



  1. Love the video. I too find some sites limit the video size.

    1. Yes. It's such a waste though. Thank you for dropping by!


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