Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy Gaming: Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

This was the first game I played in the Fatal Frame franchise. We had a PS2 and I wanted to choose and play my own game( My brother and my cousin were hogging the PS2 all to themselves). The cover caught my attention when I was picking out games in a video game shop and had set my eyes on it ever since. And that was the beginning of something mutual. ♥

Many people have commented and said that of all the games in the FF series, this one's the scariest. Well, I do agree since I have screamed and shouted countless of times at the beginning. And the ambiance, man. The ambiance of this game's settings ( music and place and all) are eery and creepy.  

You get to play as Mio Amakura, whose twin sister, Mayu Amakura, has mysteriously disappeared in an isolated and haunted village. You must find her and battle against ghosts and also unravel the mysteries of the village's past. Happy Gaming!

" Despite this, Fatal Frame II is arguably the most known of the Fatal Frame series, due to its engaging story, refined use of the camera and its abundant scares." - Fatal Frame II, Wikia.

Main Character of the game: Mio Amakura
Platform played on: PS2


  1. I don't know why, but this kind of game still freaks me out! You're brave labs to play this game.

    1. Why thank you! :D Haha! I don't know why though. I know it normally scares girls but I really have a sexy thing for survival horror!

  2. I thought it's a book.. I'm not paying attention clearly.. Wow this is picture heavy... I'm curious of horror things but I've got a taste of my own medicine na... I can't sleep at night and experience weird things.

    1. Yeah. If you had an experience, that would be hard. :)


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