Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Here in the Philippines, the word "saya" has two meanings. The first meaning would be our traditional "skirt". The skirt that would start from your torso and extends to your ankles. It has the word "conservative" written all over it. This is what the Filipino women wore during the Spanish colonial times. It must have been hard. ( Imagine yourself walking in these in the humid heat).

Now the second meaning would be "happiness". "Masaya ako." is a Tagalog sentence that means " I'm happy." And wearing this skirt sure have saved me from all the hassles of trying to fit in your jeans ( Like, seriously.) And THAT sure made me happy. Haha! So in short, saya can either mean "skirt" or "happiness".

When I found this skirt in a thrift shop, I just had to buy it. Originally, I was looking for a maxi skirt but I thought to myself then, this would do. I would wear this skirt when I'm too lazy to wear jeans or leggings and just let the wind brush off my legs. No hassle at all. 

This floral sheer top is originally my mom's. I just love how colorful the design is. My friends at work told me "Mau, you're so colorful!". I didn't know what they meant by that ( but I did take it as a compliment) but like a flower, maybe? I don't know. Matched with a black body suit underneath all the floral sheer, and you'd have that certain glow.

Would also love to take this opportunity to thank my ever so goofy best friend for forcing Mac and I to do a spontaneous couple shoot. It was so goofy that all the shots came out candid and wonderful! ♥

This man has my heart. 

What do you think of my saya look?

photos taken by Kim

Vintage Necklace by my mom
Rosario Boutique Floral Sheer Top
Black Body Suit
Lavender Saya ( Thrift Market)
Payless Studded Flats


  1. Damn.. right..I am maSAYA...


  2. I was actually expecting lotsaaaaaaaaaaa laughter hahaha

    the shots were nicely done~!

    you can include a short slide of you dancing in them to make it more unique xD

    1. Hahaha! Thank you! That is one tough love you have there. Haha!

  3. Ang saya-saya naman nito Bb. Mau. :D

  4. NIce mau=)I like the way you smile in front of the camera


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