Sunday, July 6, 2014

Late Bloom

So everything ends in a big BLOOM! Some countries have their Sakura trees or also known as the Cherry  Blossoms that bloom beautifully during Spring. Japan is well-known for it. Tourists and locals would have picnics in the park just to see the pink petals flutter to the ground. Philippines doesn't have any Sakura trees ( since we have a tropical climate) but we do have our own Fire or Flame trees.

Fire trees usually bloom during the summer. The more hotter it gets, the more they bloom ( I think that's where their name comes from) and the glowing redness of this tree is beyond beautiful. Amazingly beautiful. I've always wanted my own fire tree. It gives beauty to everything around it. And at the place near where I work, we have four splendid fire trees. So during the summer months, I can't help but be amazed by the red glow and the beauty that it gives.

Even though the other fire trees were in full bloom during this year's summer, one fire tree didn't ( You could see its petals on the ground). I have wondered why and at first thought it wasn't a fire tree at all but some other tree ( You know there are trees out there that look like other trees O.o). But when June ( the start of the rainy season) came, it bloomed beautifully while the other trees went back to its natural colors of green. It was such a splendid sight. How about you? What beautiful trees are in your area?

" What beautiful blossom we have this year. But look. That one is late. But I'll bet that when it blooms, it will be the most beautiful of all." - Fa Zhou, Mulan

Sorry. I just need to insert that quote there.

Also, when Mark, Cherry and I were sitting and chilling in I.T. Park on a grass field, this little sweet girl always went near us and decided to sit with us too! Her mother was laughing from the distance and was amused. We were amused too by her adorable gesture! ♥ We decided to take photos of her while she stares deeply into the camera! So cuuute! Hoping to see you again in the future sweet thing! 

So what do you think of my flowery look?

photos taken by Mark Villamor

Cy Pitogo Cardigan


  1. Is that a jump suit underneath? I like the second photo which is a stolen shot. Looks like summer hue. :)

    1. They're rompers! :) Haha yeah. Even though it's June!

  2. Ka CUTE!

    sa bata. :D hehe looks like you enjoyed the Fire Trees Mau. ^^

    1. Hahahaha! Yeah, I did enjoy the Fire Trees! And thanks for dropping by!

  3. These pictures are cool. I like the bubblyness of this girl! hehehe <3 capture the moment of youth and love ^_^


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