Monday, December 30, 2013


Okay, just to clear things out: this blog is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. The template and the layout are not yet finalized and I'm currently on the process of doing so. I am not really that much of a computer savvy to make my own blogger template so I have to surf the net for one. After searching the wonders of Google, one of the designs of Sweet Daisy absolutely caught my eye. It is cute and elegant but I am going to surprise you guys which one though so I have to keep my mouth shut for now.

After I am going to get my template done, it will be on to the domain name! Lol! I realized when you love blogging so much, you have to invest. Definitely lots of investments. And after all those are done, definitely on to exploring the mysteries of bloggerdotcom. As you all guys know, I have been exploring and transferring from one blogging site to another in search of one that suits my taste. And definitely, ( and FINALLY), I have found one. And thus, THIS.

You guys have to wait for a month or two for my blog site to be finished. I also gave my two previous blogging sites three months for my readers to actually absorb the sad news of me transferring.  ( Again, that is!)

I just created this short blog post to enlighten you guys up. I know my current blog site is... hmmm.. what's the word... dirty? Haha. Screw it. Once I finalized things up, everything will be okay. But for now, please bear with it. :)

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