Thursday, March 10, 2016

ChannelFix Video - Inside Out

Hello, guys! How's it been? Oh, the keyboard feels so nostalgic. Here I am, back again. typing a post. It's good to be back. I really can't point out the reason for my long blogging break, but maybe, there are some circumstances in my life that had resulted the said hiatus. 

Anyway, I need your help! Most of you know that I'm a cosplayer. Last October, my friends and I cosplayed the female emotions from the movie Inside Out, and we absolutely need your help! Prizes are at stake. Let's cut the long story short. We need you to vote for us. We're currently rank no. 3, but there are still thirteen days left for the winners to be announced. Top three winners are announced based on the most votes. I'll be providing the link, and all you guys have to do is sign up with your Facebook account and click Vote! That easy. 


We didn't plan on joining at all. Day 1 of ArchCon was already ending, and we were talking with our friends in one corner of the event hall. A man from approached us, telling us to participate. We exchanged glances, and we told him "no" since we heard that they only cater individuals. And since we were a group, we informed him in advance. But he kept on insisting and told us "It's okay." It was just for fun, but little did we know that we were one of the qualifying entries. Like I said, there's a countdown, and I know it will be one intense race. We definitely need your votes. Please vote away! 

Thank you!

Love lots,

P.S. Though they didn't provide us a background. :'(


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