Friday, February 5, 2016

Japanese Curry

2016 is going well so far. Haha. I have taken one step forward in cooking. And since this is the first (proper) dish I have made (besides reheating leftovers or cooking quick-fry food such as eggs and hotdogs), I decided to document it and share you the recipe. It's no other than the Japanese curry!

Japanese Curry Premixed Sauce (You can find one from most grocery stores under the Asian products aisle)
White Onions
Beef (In my case, I used pork since the former was expensive)

1.) Cut potatoes and carrots into large cubes or to any shape on which you prefer as long as they're big enough to savor.

2.) Cut onions (refer to the way below).

3.) Use a pot since we're making curry. Heat pot and oil. 

4.) Have your pork ready for frying. Keep frying until the pork is cooked. 

5.) When the pork is ready, place them onto a separate plate and use the remaining oil to fry your white onions. Fry the onions until they turn brown or caramelize.

6.) Pour potatoes and carrots into the pot. Make sure you drained the water used to make them tender and soft.

7.) Place the cooked pork back into the pot. 

8.) Pour four glasses of water and wait for forty minutes or until the potatoes and carrots become tender. To check, get either of the said vegetables and use a fork to check if it's soft. 

9.) When your veggies become tender, ready your premixed curry sauce and place them into the pot for it to melt. To ensure for the curry to melt and mix properly with the dish, scoop a bit of hot water using a ladle and crush it. Refer to the photo below. Simmer it for a few minutes. 

10.) For finishing touches, pour curry powder (depends on how spicy and curry-ish you want it to be) and one ladle of soy sauce. Mix well. 

And there you have it—Japanese curry! It's easy as one, two, three! My whole family loved it! From the looks on their faces, it definitely tingled their taste buds. Now it's your turn to try it out! 


  1. I smiled when I read the word "proper" ehehehe... Labsuu, I salute you! Me, on the other hand haven't tried to cook something edible (aside from the burnt ones. Looking forward to more of your cooking escapades! :D


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