Sunday, January 10, 2016

In Threes

The twentieth of December was a day well spent. This was my last shoot for the year 2015, and it was a good year-ender. It was a busy day full of experience and random conversations. When a friend of mine from Manila decided to visit Cebu and wanted a fun shoot, I went for my best friend—Kim—and asked her to be the model. 

There were three sets, based on the clothes Kim brought that day. I was the photographer slash creative director (as what Kim would call me), guiding her in her poses and the like. It was such a long time since Kim and I had bonded and hung out, and this was the perfect opportunity to bond with her like there's no tomorrow. We started four in the afternoon and ended around eight. Afterward, we ate at Burrow. There's nothing like a full stomach after such a fulfilling day.

Looking back at the photos, the shots I took of her and the sets we had were all reflections of Kim and her personality. She does come in threes if you actually get to know her. To be honest, it kind of made me smile as I am typing this now, remembering the way she is (Kim, do NOT take this the wrong way) Haha. I love you to the moon and back, Labsuuu. I hope you find the Lee Shaoran in your life ;) Always missing you. 




photography & makeup
Mau Sarcon

in collaboration with
Mike Recuelo

special thanks to
Glenn Sarcon, Claudine Guanco, & Mark Villamor

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  2. Labsuu, I love you to the moon and back too. I laughed because of the emphasize of the word "NOT". ehehehe. I'm actually surprised to see this and read this. I was touched. It has been a long time since we go to hung out, hasn't it? :) That's why I can't wait for our said date.

    Thank you for this labsuu...I'm always missing you too.


    1. Can't wait for Friday. Keep in touch. Love you lots.


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