Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy Holidays

It all happened one Sunday afternoon, where it just happened to rain just after we got my car washed. The odds of it. If you guys follow me on Instagram, ( maybe as you all probably know), I got a new hairdo. A short one, at that. So to pamper myself with the advantages of having short hair after such a period of time, I decided to buy myself a hair blower and a hair iron. DAN DAN DAN!

And of course, with me is my trusty sidekick who has supported me for the past year, Mac. Here's a toast to the good ol' hyperlicious boylet ever. 

After stuffing ourselves with food, we decided to make Watson's our first stop. And, I just got a free hair makeover with the said hair blower and hair iron. Haha. What joy! 

Was akward waiting for it to be finished since everyone was staring at me. ;_;
*insert caption here*

Anyhoo, after that, we decided to head downstairs and look at the cute Christmas Display that SM Mall has in store for their beloved customers. 

Sponsors, my friends. Sponsors. 

Mac wouldn't stop taking pictures of me. Ugh. 

Oops. Guard Alert, Guard Alert! Must act natural. *dances*

And oh, forgive the hand. Haha. I just can't stand it. So beautiful! 

This was what I gave Mac. He is such a fan of Vans. And luckily, these babies were a limited edition. ♥ He adores it! Even keeps them dry all the time! * Makes me jealous* 

It was a Happy Christmas for my family and I. Best Cheers from my family to yours! ♥ 
Happy Holidays!!!

P.S. Here's something from me to you, grooving it out Christmas Spirit Style. 

How's your Christmas so far?

photos taken by Mac and me

EXS long sleeve polo
Black Body Suit ( same here)
Lee Jeans
Payless Boots


  1. Love your hair! Adorable photos!


  2. Hi! Labsuuu...

    Sorry for the late comment. Better late than never. Eheheh..Happy New Year!

    I'm happy for you that your year ended well and started good. Be happy always!

    Love yah!

    Love your hair BTW. ;)


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