Friday, December 12, 2014

Love and Knowledge

Finally, after all the overtime work and all the practicing and the choreographing and the directing, I have finally, FINALLY, made it out alive. As you all guys know from my previous post, I was chosen as one of the brainers for this huge project at work. Six of us were chosen out of 700 employees. Kind of proud there, I can say. We had the final shooting on December 6, just a Saturday ago, when Typhoon Ruby had made its landfall on the Philippines. Yup. We are immortals. Anyway, without further ado, this is the huge project I've been meaning to show you guys. If you guys have the time, show some love by giving it a like. Enjoy!

- Birthday Girl

To Alona, Charel, Cyfel, Ryo, Anson and Miss Dory:

Thanks for letting me work with you. ♥ 

P.S. Try to spot me. Haha. 


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