Monday, February 3, 2014

Oslob Photo Diary

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Sorry for the late greeting of Happy Chinese New Year and this blog's short hiatus but I didn't manage to take any outfit shots recently because my DSLR's charger has short circuited and my cam has already run out of battery life. Sad. I am going to be back on track once I buy myself a new charger and definitely no more waits for you guys.

As for this post, I would love to share to you guys my Oslob experience with these amazing people. My mother's hometown is in Oslob so you may call me a local. Cherry, Kimmy and my former student, Harumi Ebihara, has visited Philippines once again for personal purposes. She is funny, happy-go-lucky, sweet, pretty, adventurous, cute, polite, perky and I think there would be too many adjectives to use to describe this beautiful woman inside and out.

She brought Cherry and I ( Kimmy wasn't able to go) to Oslob and wanted us to watch the whale sharks ( locally known as butanding) with her.

Here are the respective prices for the tickets:

Locals: PHP500.00 ( Whale-shark watching and swimming with the whale sharks)
Foreigners: PHP1,000.00 ( Whale-shark watching and swimming with the whale sharks)
Whale-Shark Viewing ONLY: PHP300.00 ( for locals) -  I don't know how much for the foreigners.
Underwater Camera for Rent: PHP500.00
Burning of photos to CD: PHP50.00

After having bought the tickets, you and other tourists will be oriented about whale shark interaction guidelines by batch. What and what not to do during the interaction are very important so you have to listen carefully to the staff by then. For example, one guideline would be "putting on lotion or sunblock is prohibited".

The interaction would only last  for 30 minutes so make every second count. ( Take a lot of pictures, enjoy the sea, try to absorb the sun rays, etc.)

It was magical. Enjoy the photos.

Had the guts to swim the deep sea without life vest on.

We can't help it. We're best friends. 

If you're asking yourself this: who are all those men? They are part of the staff. One of the staff held me down the water to prevent me from floating on the surface. This is for the sake of taking photos with the whale sharks. Warning: Make sure to hold your breath. Do not depend on the snorkels. This experience will leave you drinking more salt water than breathing air. Lol!

The hotel she stayed in was Eden Hotel in Santander. It was beautiful. It has a spectacular view at night and you can have a clear view of the stars and Negros' city lights from your rooms. ♥ One night is worth PHP3,800.00

Harumi then brought us to dinner in The Port located in Waterfront. We chatted the night away.

And these were the shots she took of us before heading to Waterfron'ts Casino. Cherry and I tried the slot machines (  for the first time of our lives!) and guess what? We won! >D

All in all, the experience is irreplaceable. First of all, I would love to thank Harumi from the bottom of my heart for giving us the opportunity to spend your last day here in the Philippines with you. You are so sweet. I hope you visit the Philippines once again, or maybe yet, please live here! Lol!

Looking forward to seeing you again this August. C: ( I miss you already)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much geetikawalia! xoxo ♥

  2. OMAI. I want to swim with the butandings too!

    1. Haha for now, you'd want to say that. But eventually, when you get to see them, you'd have second thoughts. It is HUGE! xoxo ♥

  3. Me want to join next time. But I'm happy that even if I wasn't there I enjoyed looking at your pics. I still laugh at the part where you came face to face with the whale shark.

    I miss Harumi already. :(


    1. Thanks Labs. Haha! Yeah! Was so shocked to see that Mr. Tuki was already right beside me. I breathe out some air due to the shock and had a hard time posing for pictures. Haha.

      Wished you had come along. xoxo

  4. ADLKFIHALKJSDVBGLAISDUH I am sooooo JEALOUS!!!! <3 <3 <3 I know where to gooooooo~
    Wait, why are the local and foreigner prices different? O_O

    1. I don't know too. Probably to promote Philippines' economy and tourism. But made me think I'm glad I'm Filipino. C:


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