Saturday, November 16, 2013


I haven't been able to post anything new right now because's annoying maintenance is up again. The header interface won't let me log in. And it's been down for a week now. I just managed to post this through some cheating magic I found online from a fellow blogger.

I hope they can manage to fix this soon. I've sent this site's team a ticket regarding this matter but so far, no response.

If this keeps up, this would leave me no choice but to transfer to another blogging site. This site's server is always down. Can anyone recommend me some blogging sites that aren't always down? Lol! The one thing I love about this site is that it has only one word connected to your domain name. Ex. Simple and short. Not like other blogging sites.

Well, I like simple and short.

So to say, to sum things up, I may be in a bit of hiatus right now because of what this site is facing. The bloggers of this site, have been complaining. LOTS. I hope this site's team would address this matter ASAP.

Mau out.

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