Saturday, November 9, 2013

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This will be a quick post. Yolanda has just left the country's area of responsibility and that one line just filled the scared hearts of Filipinos with relief. Although its passing is gone, this destructive typhoon placed under Category 5, has left the country in ruins. Unlike the 7.2 magnitude earthquake last October 15, 2013; we had time to prepare for this Super Typhoon. I was thinking to myself that since we had that justified time, there will be no casualties at all but I was wrong.
In its wake, Yolanda has already left 3 people dead in Masbate, Zamboanga and Surigao del Sur, 7 injured and 145, 641 families affected in 581 evacuation centers, according to the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRMMC).

The two fatalities from Masbate and Surigao del Sur were eletrocuted after toppled electric posts fell on the, while one died in Zamboanga after he was struck by lightning, NDRMMC reported.  - Yahoo

I just saw an update on Yahoo, that over a hundred are feared dead in Tacloban City. Not three. Article regarding this here:

Philippines is lucky enough to survive through this turmoil. We were given time to get ready. That was our luck, I guess. Thanks to PAG-ASA for the foretold warning.

Now, here are some heart-breaking photos of Yolanda.

My prayers are with the Philippines. We have encountered destruction after destruction because of the Pacific Rim. First the earthquake, next was the Tornado that hit Cebu, and now this. Philippines is a strong country. I know my fellow countrymen won't give up hope despite all the natural disasters we have encountered and will stand up as a country once again.


P.S. We are still experiencing a black out in my area. So I was able to blog about this at work since the power's out since yesterday morning up until now in my place. I hope the electricity will be back anytime soon. I saw a toppled electricity post on my way to work and I'm pretty sure that was the reason for the black out. I hope the VECO will be able to fix it within this day. :(

Keep safe everyone.

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