Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wedding Gift Opening by Mac & Mau

What's up, everyone? Mark wanted to record our reactions when we would open your wedding gifts. I personally thought it was a great idea. So, here it is! I broke it down just in case you guys need it. 

1:47– Suna's gift
2:42–Team Aso's gift
4:05–Vince & Tin's gift
5:15–Jogay's gift
6:12–Patty's gift
6:53–Jen, Ken, & Ross's gift
7:51–Chen's gift
8:39–Dora's gift
9:22–Oda's gift
10:14–Anonymous Gift Giver 1
11:00–Ate Ann2x, Tonette, & Lalang's gift
11:40–Jedi, Fersal, & Ronny's gift
13:51–Ma'am Fe & Family's gift
14:44–Anonymous Gift Giver 2
15:41–Wincent & Jun Rhey's gift
16:27–Andy & Violy's gift
17:11–Teacher Nitz & Czar's gift
18:08–Felix's gift
19:02–Ma'am Joan's gift
19:43–Marj & Lindley's gift
20:27–Ate Sarah & Kuya Harley's gift
21:03–Kuya Julius & Family's gift
21:45–Juan & Cam's Gift

We really appreciate everyone who came to our wedding despite the distance and your busy schedules. You don't know how truly grateful we are. ♥ I hope you had fun at our wedding as much as we did. We love you, guys.

Also, I would like to thank all our sponsors for the financial support. Thank you and God bless you always.

And to God, for his everlasting guidance and love. ♥

Until next post!

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