Monday, May 25, 2015


One of the many perks why I love my hobby is that it is, itself, an adventure! On one summer day, Dane, Camille and I set off to visit an abandoned golf park. When we got there, instead of expansion of greenery, we were welcomed by fields of  brown instead. We weren't surprised at the sight of that. It IS summer. Photography has given me so much freedom since I first laid my hands on a DSLR. It keeps my creativity pumping and so so alive.

This opportunity had given me the chance to venture on a new land. Adventure is something I look forward to the most. The place was wide and oh-so beautiful that you'd just want to lie down under the cool shade of the trees and gaze at the clouds. While we were there, children would gather around us and would talk about how beautiful Dane was. Not only on the outside, but in the inside as well. Oh, and the children mistook her for Kathryn Bernardo


photography & makeup
Mau Sarcon

photography assistant
Camille Joy Tiro

Danielle Devilleres

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  1. Mau! :) the photos are very beautiful.. :) thank you thank you.. ♡ the best thing about you is that you are very comfortable to work with and those poses and smiles were not forced from me.. :) it all came out spontaneously.. :) you have a skill of finding a good angle in people and you simply bring that out! :) I'm grateful that you chose me to model for you.. ♡ to more adventures together! :)

    1. Awweee. Thanks Dane! ♥ Your post melts my heart. xoxo

  2. I love the third picture of the tree!!! It gives off this autumness instead of summer feel. ♥

    1. I think it does too. Wow, thanks for pointing that out! ♥


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