Sunday, January 22, 2017

Welcome to Sirao: The Little Amsterdam of Cebu!

Today was spectacular. A friend of mine offered her services for free as a photographer and had the honor to do our first ever prenuptial shoot. And no, this post isn't about the photos; it's about the adventure the three of us spent together. The invitation was so spontaneous that we didn't get to bring as many clothes and props to use for the shoot, but as what they always say, come what may. I wanted to take a look at my friend's shots, but she wouldn't let us see. I take it as a surprise then. Haha. Thank you, Jess, for the time today and for bringing me and Mark to Sirao. It was so memorable and today was so beautiful! 

We had the shoot in an underdeveloped subdivision lot. It was just kilometers away from Sirao and we just had to go there since we were like, already there. There is a parking area for cars. A park is worth Php20.00 and the entrance to Sirao is Php30.00 per head. There were fruit stalls and food stalls along the path, so it was really convenient for us to buy food thereafter. I tried their banana cue and sweet corn, and you could tell from how they tasted that they were all fresh; it's totally different from the city. Plus, they sell cheap items (fruits, snacks, etc.). And the vendors there, even if you're not asking for any, will give you a very good negotiable price for their items. You have to go there and see for yourself. Haha. Sadly, when we visited the flower garden, some flowers weren't in full bloom yet (look it up on Google to see how it looks like). Locals keep telling us to come back in summer since the place will be packed with beautiful floral colors. So, when planning to visit Sirao, make sure to book a day in summer. ;) 

When you try to post for a selfie but the sun's too glaring. OUR EYEEEEEEEEESSSS

The James Reid of my life. ♥ And I'm not even a fan. 

What do you think of my girly look?

photos taken by Mark and I

Headdress by Jess
Cap by Mark


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