Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thank you, 2016!

2016 was extravagant! My 2016 was filled with new experiences and new horizons. It just made me realize that you have to have courage when dealing with problems and trials. There were bad times, but the good times overlapped the bad ones, which I thank God for. It also made me realize that you have to have a decent footing—a very strong foundation! Without it, you can't go on. Without your family and without your friends, you can't go on. No man is an island. You have to have a very good support system to help you get through it all. ♥ I was blessed. Thank you, Lord, for everything. You were always there for me. I am really grateful.

This 2017 will be once again a new door to a new beginning. It will be the year that I will welcome a new family name. It will be the year that I will welcome (hopefully) a family of my own (all in God's time and in God's grace). It will be the end of another life chapter to welcome a new one.

Oh, and this time, I will not promise to post every week or every month (which I always do from my previous blog posts; forgive me) since I'm suuuuuper busy with the wedding preparations and my new career. I will try to post now and then though. I also didn't have time for any outfit shots. Oh, sad life. But enough about that, this post will be a review of the highlights of my 2016.

2016, I had a blast. I know others don't see you as a good year, but for me, you were spectacular and wonderful, and I hope 2017 will be too. ♥

Buily my first gunpla.

Sewed my own costume. ♥

My best friend left for Japan. I hope she can come back in time for the wedding. 

Had a cos-shoot with these spectacular people.

A UK-based artist, Matt, made a sketch of my Monster Hunter character. We usually play together and according to him, he likes to think that I am frothing at the mouth the moment I have a reason to mount a Teostra. 

That "Postponing Nova" is my MH4U's character's line every time I mount a Teo.

I laughed more than I should have. Thanks, Matt!

Distance is only temporary. 

Mau, Yhan, Ara, Mark, Fred, and John. #relationshipgoals

 Yhan, Ara, and I won the ChannelFix Cosplay Battle Tournament thanks to the never-ending support from our friends all over our Facebook profiles. Haha. 

The time Zeon and Diesel finally became friends. Haha.

Started cooking proper dishes and I am getting the hand of it. Haha. Mark complimented every dish I had made and told me they were all good. ♥

Made my very own DIY Cozy Cave for my guinea pig. Zeon loves it! ♥

Became a nurse. 

Mark gave me a new 3DS for our anniversary. ♥ Awwww.

From "in a relationship" to "engaged."

Skyping with my beloved.

And finally reunited with my future husband-to-be. He always travels to places because of his profession, but this time, he told me that he won't be traveling anytime soon since we will be preparing for the wedding. ♥ And yeah, I have my own dose of LDR, mind you.


A new chapter awaits. ♥

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