Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Panda Cookies

Panda cookies and milk anyone? These are fresh from the oven and are ready to be munched by you guys. It's hard to discipline yourself ( say goodbye to your diet illOTL) when Nibbles is just a message away. These cute cookies are up for ordering! They are very tedious to make so my friend, Miles, can only handle 5 orders a week. I repeat, 5 orders a week! So reserve your slot now while you're at it! 100 php for a bag of 5. As you can see from the first photo below, it comes with a cute packaging. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sister Hour

I haven't seen sisters this close before. I have a brother, so I really don't know how it feels like to have a sister. But I know it's great. Just from seeing these two, it's clear that having a sister rocks. Borrowing makeup? Answered. Clothes? Check. Some personal love advice? Covered. Everything, from here on out, as a female, we all need that kind of sister. Be it blood-related or not, being or having a sister is one of the best occupations in the world. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Just Every Summer

Every summer. Just every summer. For three consecutive summers, I always end up breathing for my life. I am asthmatic ( which I totally hate) and somehow one of the external factors that would trigger an asthma attack is extreme temperature. Exposure to cold air or hot humid air can lead to an asthma attack. And since it IS summer, I got confined in the hospital. Again! ( For another post regarding my summer and asthma complaints, read here. )
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