Tuesday, November 24, 2015


The past few weeks have been extremely depressing and draining. Mark and I lost someone very, very dear to us. We were there when he was diagnosed with his illness and were there when his illness cut his life short. There were tears shed, and sometimes, I would wish that everything that has happened until now was just a dream—that one day, when I would open my eyes, he'd be there, smiling.

No words can describe how extremely heartbroken Mark and I were. He had touched the hearts of many and continued to do so until his death. I traveled back and forth from Cebu to Bohol and vice versa and had barely enough time to rest. My eyes became puffy from all the crying and from all the lack of sleep. It is such a heartrending sight to see your loved one lose a loved one. No matter how hard I tried to keep myself intact and composed, my tears would instantly drop every time I see Mark's eyes welling up as he reminisced all the memories he had with his youngest brother. We miss him so much that it actually hurts. But now, somewhere up there, he is now happy. We know he is. He is now completely cured—no more suffering and whatsoever. During his burial, we were showered with rain, but then beautiful rays of sunshine peered through the clouds, blessing us, his family and friends, with a stunning rainbow to behold as we bade our farewells.

You were such an angel, Co, and now, you literally are one! Your family loves you very, very much. No regrets, Co. No regrets. Au revoir! xo Ate Mau #restinpeacemaco

What do you think of my look?

photos taken by Mark

One Perfect Top
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  1. When i see something that reminds me of Maco, my heart still aches. Though i know he's already someplace peaceful, i still wish he would've stayed longer with us. He was a such a gem. A very precious friend who was really rare. I would never find anyone like him. It sounds a bit selfish but i miss his radiance, his innocence and sincerity. :( i think it would take a very long time for the wounds to completely heal..

    1. I miss him too, Dhane. Sakit gihapon akong dughan. Hapit na mag one month, pero mingaw jud gihapon.


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