Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015 Wishlist

Well, how time flies, that's for sure. Today's post would be about my 2015 list of things-to-do. I remember the first time I started making wishlists was still way back in 2013. And now I am on my third listing! I feel old now. Two years have passed so quickly. No wonder they'd say " Life is short." That saying is kind of sinking into me now.

As you guys have noticed, my wishlist consists of 21 items ( I don't know why though). If you'd like to check it out, you could do so here and here. Believe me, I had a hard time thinking what else to accomplish just to complete the need of 21. Lol! But not this time ( too lazy). So this would be the first ever short wishlist.


1.) Visit Cafes as many as I can. The number of cafes is gradually increasing as of the moment here in Cebu and boy, do I love to visit them someday. Of course, I'm going to drag Mac and Kim along. ♥

2.) More Portrait shoots. As they always say, practice always makes perfect.

3.) Travel. Last year was Baguio. This time around, I have my eyes set on Bohol. And of course, with my travel buddy, Mac.

4.) More games please. Gaming has gotten inside my head. And I want more.

5.) Will do some self-portraits. Giving others their share of portfolio photos is one thing, but giving yourself is another story.  

6.) Mark my name with fire. Hmmm. This one's tricky. Maybe I want to be acknowledged of who I am and what I can do.

7.) To be responsible of my things. Flag's up.

8.) To be confident and beautiful. Girl, confidence makes you beautiful.

9.) New lens. Been saving for a new baby ever since ever.

10.) To enjoy life. Practically, this would sum up everything I will do and would do in 2015. ♥

So that's it. That's my top 10 things to do in my wishlist. I hope I could do them one by one, especially number 1. Haha. Anyway, what is in your 2015 wishlist? Do share! ♥ Love to hear from you guys!


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    1. Yeah. Definitely have to accomplish all since it's down to ten na.


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