Monday, May 6, 2013

{ Yellow Light }

I have to be careful here and there because my blog might go inactive and that is really a bad thing. Once it goes inactive, I have to submit a ticket to the main site and that is really a hassle for me. I have to be active now and then. And I had learned my lesson from that previous experience. It was horrible thinking about it.  ( ̄ω ̄;) Can you imagine? You would lose your 'blogging' power?

Today will be a short blog.

Since summer is well, SUMMER, I decided to post about my summer wear. And my mind suddenly went, TING, I WANT YELLOW. YELLOW IS GOOOOOD. And there you have it. The birth of that idea.

The night before I went to Camotes Island, I hurried to Gaisano Talamban and bought the necessities I need for the said departure with my team.

The two-piece was worth 300 php and up and the cover-up, 100PHP plus. And there was a sale, so YAAAY to discounts. Hooorah ♥  (☆^O^☆)

The sunblock worth 198 PHP as I can remember.

Slippers were 50 PHP. ( YES, 50 PHP )

And the headband was worth 35 PHP.

And the total expenditure I had was more or less, 500 PHP. ( And again, YAAAY TO DISCOUNTS)

While in Camotes, I had snapshots here and there. And (c) goes to Mitch Atillo and her hubby. ♥ MAKASUYA. Haha.

Facebook destroyed quality so forgive me. (-_-)ゞ゛


Oh, oh. Before I forget, I want to greet my brother a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. ♥  (-^〇^-)

Otanjouuubi Omedetooou Onii-chan~! ♥

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