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{ An Art from the Heart}

I know it's been such a long time since my last post, but I hope everything's well with you guys. I've been busy with my studies because exams are coming up, but I've missed blogging so much that I just had to. *hits self*

And also, has been experiencing connection problems and such.

For this blog, I am going to feature a friend of mine. He is very talented and skillfull that he can even manage to wield you a sword, an axe, a hat, a badass machine gun, and on top of that, he can give you love. Haha. Kidding aside.

He is no other than...

 Kert-Jan Tabaña

" Slowly but surely" is this guy capable of and he can wield magic with his hands.

I've met Kert during one of our community's gatherings. He is master. Haha. >D

I get to grab the opportunity to ask him questions here and there regarding his skills as a propsmith and maybe, he has some points to share to the world. >D Now on with the interview.

1.) First off, tell me something about cosplay.

K: Cosplay, is what other good cosplayers always say, a performance art, a hobby, and a good way to meet good friends. Probably the best friends you could ever have! I actually see cosplay as an activity where I can get creative, become the character I like, and just have fun, the not so normal way!  WELP!  That fried a good number of nerves XD

2.) When and how did you discover your talent for props-making ?

K: It started way back actually, like when I was 8. If you had experienced those moments back in childhood, where you get to have sword fights with your friends; that was when I discovered I could make stuff they call today as PROPS. As far as I remember, I made approximately 8 bamboo blades for me and my friends! Haha. Now, enough with the reminiscing. I really knew I could do props making on my first cosplay, dated 2009. Since then, I started making wooden katanas and eventually moved to bigger prop commissions.

3.)  How do you find props-making?

K: A big PAIN IN THE ASS! But the kind of pain I like. ( That seriously sounds wrong but yes, I'm masochistic)

4.) What was the most difficult commission you have ever encountered? And how long did it take for you to finish it?
K: Well, all my prop commissions take so damn long to finish. Haha! I'm actually experiencing it right now. I got a commission by a good friend/customer from Manila, Philippines (yes, I know I got that far). The request was made during November last 2012. Though, I already told him I can only work on it starting February of this year ( due to other commissions). Miraculously, he accepted the long wait. Since then (November 2012), I started researching about the whole prop, and thankfully was able to start during February. I'm almost done with it. Hehe. I will be finished before the end of MAY.  You guys can do the math. What prop, you ask? It's just Cloud's Buster Sword, The First Tsurugi. Fully detachable, lightweight, and convention safe.

5.) Can you give me the three best props you've commissioned so far, the duration of the work, a little comment about it and a finished picture for each item.

K: a. Zillyhoo's Warhammer from Homestuck (The most vividly colored PROP ever made by me. When I was done with it, I shouted "GHEY". You know why XD) It took me 3 weeks.

b. Lelouch's Sword (Failing once means something. I actually had to make another one. The first attempt was of wrong measurements and all, so yeah. Think about repeating the same process over again? XD) It took me 6 weeks.

c. Yoh Asakura's Harusame (First ever wooden katana made to be disassembled! XD ) It took me 3 weeks.

6.) When you claimed to have " slow hands", please elaborate more.

K: Did I ever claim I had? XD Haha. I really did. So you've been stalking me. Hmmm XD Anyway, yes. I really have slow, 'veiny' and shaky hands. Literally. But whenever I say I have slow hands, I actually mean that I work in a pace where I think more, and do less. Getting the best quality on my prop commissions is my top priority. To be able to get that, I think, not just once, not just twice, but, more than I could ever think of. I don't rush until I'm told to do so.

7.) Yes, I admit. I am a stalker. Haha. Anyhoo, what props would you want to try making? 

K: A LIFE SIZE HOT CHICK! Just kidding! I have always wanted to make Illidan's Twin Crescent Blades from Warcraft.
Also, A Dominator gun from the anime Psycho Pass. ( Coz' that bitch is one hell of a work and I absolutely love that gun.)

Sorry, ore wa hontou ni usoi.

8.) If you were to cosplay one character and wield its prop, who would you do?

K: If it were from an anime, it would be Cho Sawagejo (this guy has a lot of katanas placed all over his body). A total bad-ass who really needs a decent screentime T_T

If it were from a film, I'd say Starship Trooper (very old film) but that was where I got all my anti-alien, guns, and babes inspiration.

9.) What message would you give to propsmith beginners out there?

K: Keep making! You will never get better if you just sit there and watch porn, play online games, watch anime everyday. Hmm. Well I do those stuff too but ever since I started propsmaking, those things should take a little of my time. Also, if you don't feel like making a prop, don't do it. Forcing yourself to work is just bad. Though I'm talking as an artist, but that is an application that could be done to life too.

10.) What are your strengths and weaknesses as a propsmith?

K: I take so fudging long in making props! But I have the quality to cover up the long wait.

11.) What characteristics should a propsmith toward propsmaking must have?

K: Patience, endurance, and BAGS or even TRUCKS load of Creativity. Accuracy and other technical characteristics will fall after.

12.) What message can you tell the world more of propsmaking?

K: Replica props making is not as easy as it sounds. It never is. But here we are, bravely facing the challenges head on. It's one of those few things in life you'd want to do to leave a mark. Either for the community or just for the people you care about. We make Real Art from the Heart. And yeahhhhhhhhh with our own hands too! XD

13.) That's a given. Do you accept International commissions? 

I actually could. But I'll have to ask around regarding shipping and such XD
Thank you for giving me the opportunity Kert. Until then.  \(^▽^@)ノ

Visit his facebook page here for any inquiries:

These are some of his works. ♥

Beautiful creations from Master himself. ♥

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