Saturday, October 22, 2016

I'm Engaged!

Sorry for the lack of updates on my blog. Things have been happening (quite a few) lately, and coping with each and every one of them really sucks your energy.

I've been busy with work (like suuuuuper busy), and I couldn't have the time to blog the shenanigans of my life. Plus, my computer just started working and that is now, so I am able to type all this. It wouldn't switch on the past few weeks, and we wondered why. I was trying to make a weekly post, but it was difficult for me due to the circumstances stated above. 

Also, I am writing today to break some news to all of you! I posted it on my Instagram a week ago, and had just gotten around to share it to you guys (since my computer's back on). I am glad to announce that I am now ENGAGED! I am so hyped! Mark gave me the biggest surprise of my life! I could never have thought he could pull it off (though it didn't go as he planned, which made the whole experience funnier). 

It's another milestone unlocked. It's been approximately one week since Mark proposed to me in Cinema 5 in Ayala. How can I not write about being engaged? It was all so surreal. Mark asked me out to watch a movie with him. The movie was Miss Peregrine: Home for Peculiar Children. I, for one, hadn't seen the movie, so I said 'yes.' We went to Ayala and bought tickets and ordered movie snacks. 

Throughout the movie, we barely talked. We watched it like how we usually watch movies in cinemas, and that's what makes me expect less since everything seemed ordinary that night. But boy was I wrong. During the rolling of credits, I told Mark "Let's go." And he simply said "Let's just go last. There might be a next preview to this movie's sequel." Okay, I thought. So I sat back down. After few couples remained in the cinema, probably thinking the same thing we did and waiting for the credits to end, I heard him say "I have something to give you." So I turned around to him because I was so fixed on the cinema screen and accidentally hit his hand. Something fell. Mark went all on his fours and frantically searched for the fallen item since the cinema was still dark. He muttered an ohshitohshitohshit, so I thought, "Oooh! It must be important! I must help him!" so I also went down on my fours to search for it. I felt guilty and also panicked since he obviously was. "What fell? What fell?" He told me not to help him since he can find it on his own. But before I could reply, slightly pissed just because, I saw something sparkling under my seat. I took it by the hand and raised it in front of him, innocently asking "This?" He went all wide-eyed and said "HOHSHIT! WILL YOU MARRY ME?" I was so surprised to the turn of events that I laughed so hard in the cinema and all the couples that were still there turned to us. At that time, I didn't care. I didn't care at all! I absolutely said YES and planted him a kiss. 

I laughed all the way from the cinema to our ride. Mark was somehow embarrassed because his proposal didn't go as planned, but he was happy. He even laughed with me! Now that's a proposal to remember for ages. ♥ Mark is a living proof that no grand gesture can top a simple, sincere, and personalized proposal. I once told him that I didn't want people around during a proposal. For me, having people around, waiting for your answer, forces you to say yes. If you're going to say no, those same people are going to question you and judge you. I wouldn't want that. 

And there was Mark. 

Who put in mind everything.

I mean Mark isn't good with surprises. Take it from me. I've discovered way too many surprise plans of his and pretending to be surprised was the only thing I could muster. But at that time, BOY WAS I SURPRISED. 

Plans have already started. Oh yeah! We already have a date too! I cannot wait! <3 I love you, Mark. You will forever be my favorite goofball. 

Below are photos I selectively gathered through the years we've been together to be featured here. And also, thank you to everyone who already sent their congratulatory messages before this official blog post.After four years into blogging, I'm getting married? So surreal! ♥ Thank you, God, for everything. 

End of post.



  2. congrats mau & mark im happy for both of you .. :) <3

  3. About. Freaking. Time. XD
    Congratulations, you lovebirds! <3

    1. Hahahaha. Thanks, Cam. Kamo nya sunod puhon. ♥


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