Sunday, July 28, 2013

{ A Night of Movie and Magic ♥ }

Hello guys. Sorry for the late update everybody but since I'm always at home, facing my computer and playing games like a  lazy old woman, I haven't had the chance to blog about something new and interesting. Not until today.

If you and your friends are into popcorn and movies, and has trouble looking for an affordable place but yet with awesome facilities, this movie house is for you.


(located on Salinas Drive, Lahug; just between Tonyos Bar & Restaurant and Golden Cowrie)

This place was established March this year. So it is not yet well known.

They have different kinds of rooms , each with an affordable price. And each room holds a different number of people. The smallest room would be the "Bedroom" that accommodates only two people ( a room with an ACTUAL bed) and the largest room holds 30 people max. It is ideal for parties and celebrations.

( The "Bedroom" is still under observation, so it hasn't got a GO signal for it to be used by the public)

Budget: 150-300 PHP/room. Depending on the room used. The larger the room is, the higher the price ( 300 PHP)

They do not only offer movies as entertainment, but also karaoke. If you are the type of person that loves to sing, I recommend this place. You can either watch a movie or sing to your heart's content, or both. *winks*

It's such a waste that I didn't get to bring my camera on the day they gave Suna and I a tour of the place. I would have taken lots and lots of pictures and show it to you guys. ;_; And also, that tour was unexpected so I was off-guarded as a blogger. Tch.

When I'm going to go there next time, I promise that I'm going to ask the clerk to give me a tour again, and this time, with a camera.

Blogger's promise. >:I


And now, a quick tour of the place.

This is the movie house's LOUNGE.

They offer a wide range of movies to choose from.

We decided to watch a Korean horror movie, "THE WIG". It's a cold day and it's a great excuse to cuddle with someone. Hahaha.

This room holds 8-10 people max for 200 PHP. With that said amount, two people are free of charge and 30 PHP for additional heads. This also applies to other rooms as well.

Suna and I gave the boys chills with our sudden screams and yells. They complained that even though they expected what would happen next, they would still get startled because of our sudden "Eeeek"s and "Aaaaah"s. This is girl power people! LOL

I think from that actress' facial expression, you would probably guess what would happen next. >D

After the movie, we went to McDonalds to decide what we're going to do next since the night was still young.

After countless ideas, we decided to listen to live bands' playing at TONYOS BAR & RESTAURANT located in Salinas Drive, Lahug. We all had the time of our lives. ♥

Till next time guys. :3

Thursday, July 11, 2013

{ 13979 }

It was the night of July 7, 2012. I was busy being myself bubbly and all with my family just from church. I turned on the wifi and also turned on my laptop. Just the usuals, facebook and stuff.

And then I read a status from one of my friends who took the board exam on my Facebook newsfeed, stating that she is "feeling nervous". I forgot to breathe for a moment. " Is this... what I think it is?" is what I thought at first. I had to comment, I just had to.

And then Guada, ( a mutual friend between my friend who took the board exam and I), messaged me in reply to my comment, that the results will be up between 9-12 am that night. I asked if it's reliable. And she said yes. I felt a slight hit of panic growing inside me. Growing. Dwelling. I was so nervous. I didn't sleep.

I couldn't.

It was past midnight and the results weren't out yet. I amused myself. I mean, me? Having the courage to look for my name on the roster? And I thought I told myself not to. Because it might hurt as heck.

I fell asleep and morning came.

I thought it was one of those moments where rumors start to get the best of us. So I felt relieved somehow.

I logged in my Facebook and there you have it, I saw multiple posts of congratulations with tagged names and people posting their designated roster numbers and their names as statuses.

Everyone was congratulating everyone on Facebook. And what worried me was that I wasn't part of that everyone.

Panic grew inside of me again. I entered the official PRC website on the search box but it was busy. Must be because of the multiple visitors. Anxiety grew. Panic followed. I decided to take a bath. You know, to relax. But it didn't stop. It eventually grew even more.

I was losing hope.

I texted my mom and my cousin. Hoping that they would have much more luck in their offices checking the site. My cousin told me the site was also busy in their place. Mom too. I was getting depressed.

I went to my room. Checked my phone. 3 missed calls, and 3 messages.


My cousin

My mom



I wondered why Jo called. Must be because she wanted to comfort me or something.


2 messages from mom asking instructions on how to check the site and one message from a friend of mine stating:


I reread the message over and over again. I couldn't believe my eyes. Who would want to joke around like that? And it could also mean one possible thing.

I jumped up and down with glee, mumbling words that aren't found in the dictionary and went to my altar and thanked God.

The feeling is bittersweet. I was only happy for about 10 seconds. Don't ask why. :3

I was lucky and blessed enough that I got to pass the exam on my first take. I praised Jesus. :'((((((

After that time-stopping moment, Jo sent me a message " CONGRATULATIONS" and shiz. :) And people started to congratulate me on Facebook.


Congratulations to all the new RNs especially to my friends.


Guada, Mary and I ♥

We are all nurses nooow.




Monday, July 8, 2013

{ Immediate Test Shots }

I know you guys are going to consider me a douche bag after this but I'm not going to spill any information regarding my new camera. Haha.

Only that it is CANON. 

My sister just arrived in the Philippines from New York and bought me a very very simple bundle. ♥ Thankkkk you so much.

Since I was very eager to shoot with this baby, I decided to share the test shots I had today. Haha. All in all, it was awesome.


It's not the camera I had in mind but I guess you could say, this will do.

Remember my 2013 wishlist?

#2 is up and at 'em. Haha.

Try to guess what unit it is. :">

But prolly in the future, I might blot out the whole secret and of course, its wonders. Haha.

Your random blogger,



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