Sunday, March 24, 2013

{ Hoohaaah - Time for the Boodle Fight}

Haha. I just felt like saying "Hooohah" in the title. Forgive meh.

I just discovered a very nice ...epic... restaurant wherein you can get your stomach to "hoooohahh" the meals.

Have you ever experienced a boodle fight? Last March 16, 2013, my team's lunch out was held at Captain A’s Seafood Grill. With all the "hooohhaaah" dishes, you're definitely in for a fight.

For those who don't know what a boodle fight means, it is defined as "eating combat" or "attack the food". It is usually done by the PMA ( Philippine Military Academy) wherein, regardless of age and rank, gathers around a long table to share a meal. They indulge themselves with food spread over banana leaves using no utensils or the sort. But since Captain A is merely a restaurant, they offer utensils as an option. Haha.


Together with me is my fellow blogger crush Tara.

Check her blog out:

So Captain A's Seafood Grill offers a wide range of boodle sets to choose from.

I just had to take snapshots of their menu. Sssssh. (´∇ノ`*)ノ

Click the menu for a closer look.

For every set, you get free five (5) glasses of iced tea and a fruit cocktail dessert.

My team ordered three sets.


( for the birthday celebrant Selena)


(since I definitely love baked shellfish, I kept bugging my TL for this.)


And one of the known attributes of Captain A's Seafood Grill is their shouty "military" way of a birthday greeting. I was shocked at the same time was amazed at their "ugh" aura.

And clearly, Yvanne was having fun. Haha.

And so does my CRAJEE family.

And I get to spoonfeed someone.  (>y<) Kufufufufu~

All in all, it was an ubber awesome resto.

If you have any special occassions especially birthdays, I definitely recommend this restau.

You're definitely in for a surprise.


Don Jose Avila St., Capitol Site
Cebu City 6000

Operating Hours:
Mon - Thurs    6 am - 2 am
Fri - Sat         6 am - 3 am
Sun               10 am - 12 mn

(032) 505 9594


Your RANDOM blogggggeeer,


& friends.

Friday, March 22, 2013

{The Art of Selca }

Okay, I know that it's been such a loooong looooooooong hiatus. I am sorry.  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

I've been busy the past few days because that heavy decision has finally been put to action. My days are numbered. It breaks my heart. <///3

Well, enough about that, I get to introduce something interesting to you guys again. And it is called "SELCA". 

As an introduction to this uncommon word, it is short for self-capture. And its wonders.

This is where you get to take photos of yourself, but not the everyday ordinary photos of you doing wakee poses and the sort, but by placing your camera in an angle with sufficient lighting that would make your beauty be placed at its peak.

Selca is popular among Asians especially Korean Ulzzangs. They do those all the time. It is the art of camwhoring, so to speak. But it's addictive. ♥

TADAAAAAAAAAAA. The art of Selca. ♥



A small blush won't hurt right? Yes, it won't. Put a little shimmer here and put a little shimmer there. It doesn't take much time to just place a little et ceteras on your face. If you want to look presentable, you have to MAKE yourself look presentable. This is for the capture of YOU.


Okay. So this is obvious. And I think that those three little words are enough to comprehend. Take some sample shots. Check the lighting of the area. Make sure the lighting is sufficient for your pretty face. It is always an essential part when it comes to taking photos. Make sure the room isn't dark and make sure the lighting suits your taste.


Everybody doesn't want their faces to look fat now, do we? Of course we have to do ninja moves in order to catch that perfect angle we are always aiming for. Tilt your chin, find that perfect angle, stretch your neck, make your eyes look bigger by putting the camera in a higher angle, and et cetera and et cetara. That will be in your own accord.


If in case, the lighting isn't sufficient, or the fact that you are having a very big zit at the moment, do not hesitate to edit your photos. We are talking about photos people. And yes, like what I said awhile ago, make sure to MAKE yourself look presentable. So a little zit gone doesn't hurt also.


Have fun. Practice. Take photos with pets, with your crazy best friend, props, accessorize. ART PEOPLE AAAARTTT! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Ehem ehem, I got carried away.

Yes, show the world YOU. YOUR BEAUTY. YOUR ATTRACTIVENESS. That talllll nose. Haha. Just be YOU.  (*´・v・)>


Of course, to take good photos, we have to have a good camera too. Trust me, having a bad quality camera, doesn't bring the best beauty out of you. Make sure to invest. Invest for that good camera. As for my case, I am just satisfied of my phone's camera. ♥ I can carry it around and take photos of everywhere. I have lots to invest. I am currently saving up for a Canon 600D DSLR. ( And yes, I am a photographer-wanna-be). I must rob a bank.  \(T∇T)/YAAAY.


Take lots and lots of photos. And select the best ones. And if you are torn between two best-"est" pictures, grid them. Place both of them in a strip. That would definitely make the situation a "win-win" (´・ω・)っ由

So, yes. Those are the things I learned from doing selca personally.

Check out my instagram account if you want to check my selca photos.  ( Link at the right portion of this page) ----->

So always remember guys, be artsy about it.

Enjoy the art of SELCA.

Monday, March 11, 2013

{ Insurrection }

March 9, 2013.


And I was ready to parteeeyyy~ \m/

I was invited by my pretty friend Behbeh ( Johara Veloso) for some night out to enjoy a night of music and excitement ( and of course, some booze)

I was ready for some drinking here and there. *winks*

It was a competition by the different Universities representing Cebu. UC, USC, USJR, CIT, CNU and many more. You name it.

It was like the battle of the bands, so to say.

It was held at Tonyos, in Lahug. Just outside the second entrance/exit of IT park.  A walking distance from my workplace.

I was dressed so prim and proper. And I look like a schitsu. YEY \m/[/caption]
Fubus was complete. ♥

Fubu ( Mico) and Bits ( Marj) were there. Yey. Love~ <3

And an old co-alma mater of mine, Emmanuel Pitogo, was also there. They are close of friends with Behbeh and can you imagine? It's a small world after all. ♥

I was full of hearts and rainbows with this girl. ♥

Don't change Bits.

I know it's more photos about us, but our CP cams just couldn't withstand the darkness of the place. The flash wasn't enough to take a photo of the distant stage. ;_;

If I should have known, I would have brought my camera with me.

And here with me is my ever-so-busy Labs. She was full of fun and excitement. ♥

They became instantly connected with Johara and Emmanuel. What are the odds of it huh? Lol.

Down below are the following:

Mico, Emmanuel and En-en.

Hahaha. We're so close, but yet so far. Lol. <///3

I can say that Labs is so vain. Hahaha. Labs (En-en). I know, I know. I have two labs. ♥

I should stop coveting from now on. </3

Excuse the glass of ****. Hahaha. (●´∀`●) How embarassing. Whew.

We ordered a Beer Tower.

Php 300.00 only @ Tonyos.


I had fun. That would be one memorable night. Trust me.♥ It was full of rock and music. And the place was filled with men wearing black. o.o What's with black?

And I would love to give my thanks to Johara for inviting me and making me laugh. Thank you for the gabs here and there. You know I'll always love you. ;>

Just your RANDOM blogger,


P.S. I know this blog is full of photo strips, but I just have to save blog memory space. ;_; Otherwise, I have to buy this domain. ( which would be awesome, but let's just leave it to that. (`・ω・´)”

Friday, March 8, 2013

{ 22 ♥}

Yes, and like the song of Taylor Swift, "22" is just what my best friend in the whole world, needs.

I gave this blog the title of 22... because...

 I wanna let the world know that she's that old and I still love her. ♥


Yes, I know, I should staaaaaahp. Haha.


I know my cake isn't big enough to fill your stomach, but I hawp you did like it though~ D:

( And I told you to eat it >:O)


And nothing beats a friends hangout in a place no other than Chatime. ♥


Labs' sister texted me secretly that I should stall time. She was preparing a surprise for her sister, and I was getting ready for my best skill yet. AND it is to BUY time. So just as we went out of the office, I blotted out " Let's go to Chatime." Haha. And Labs as dense as she is, said "yes". Let me repeat, BEST. SKILL. EVER. -----------------

And as we arrived at Labs' house, food welcomed us with open arms. ♥

Oh, and did I mention her sister's cupcakes are oh-so-delicious ♥

Her sister accepts orders. ♥ It tastes like heaven, I tell you

Birthday girl blowing the candles and the aftermath ♥

Haha. Piccccture.

Labs, thank you for everything for the past eleven months. You helped me a lot last year. And I know you know why. ♥ You are the most awesome girl I have ever met. You are the first person that I have ever known that make me feel loved and wonderful at the same time. Thank you for everything. I love you and once again, Happy 22nd Birthday. I hope you enjoyed the times we have together than I. Stay the same, DON'T CHANGE.

By your one and only faithful LOADING best friend,


Monday, March 4, 2013

{ What time is it? }


Yey! Haha. Okay. So that escalated quickly. And yes, that is what we cosplayed. C:

So much for so much! Haha.

Left: Marceline, Center: Princess Bubblegum, Right: Marshal Lee

Actually, Fubu and I were having a super hard time on what to put on our skin ( as you can see, both Marceline and Marshal Lee have gray skin tone). Cebu doesn't at all sell Snazaroo body paints and they only sell face paints. (n hfhwafasfpjsa)

Anyhoo, we were looking for this.

But the only thing we found in the malls and any other places out there are face paints. Assorted face paints.

So all we did was to improvise.

We first started out with face paint ( I bought two packs of black and white) and started mixing and placing it on our arms. I had Fubu experimented. Haha.

All in all the outcome was kind of dirty (like sewers dirty eeww), so we improvised again. ( and of course we asked from the experts).

The experts told us to mix BB Cream and Grey eye shadow as an alternative. And that made me think " Where the hell am I going to get loads and loads of eyeshadow?"

We tried once again. Personally, I think it's quite time consuming and "eyeshadow-and-cream" consuming, so I recommend using it as a last resort.

Now what we actually did was to combine the two options. It somehow worked. We placed white face paint first on our skin, and then rubbed some grey eyeshadow. :DD

This is me before the dirty session started. And no, that is not my belly button down there. Haha.

And tadaaaaa~

It took us about 1-2 hours.

Marcie and Marshal.

( I know we're vampires and we're near an altar... We're catholic vampires so to say. ♥)

And as for PB, she has her own struggles of life. ♥

Her " still alive but i'm barely breathing" wig. Haha.


We arrived late at the event, putting our minds with the " No regrets" concept all over again and again. ( It's a long story).


Because they are my rainbows and hearts. ♥

I'm glad Behbeh is okay. :3

( She was confined in the hospital for a couple of days. STUDENT BODEH PRESIDENT IS BUSEH) ;_;

After the event, we headed down to SM to finish some errands and then off to SongHits. ♥

No matter how grey and stressed I am, my friends will never leave me. :3

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